Paul Finebaum

There’s no such thing as too much Paul Finebaum, according to the SEC Network.

With the conference-specific channel having a highly successful launch and first year of business, its executives are also looking to expand the brand by increasing the visibility of its most notable star.

Finebaum’s daily, televised four-hour radio show is the staple of the network, and makes up the biggest chunk of its programming other than live sports. But newly promoted Senior Vice President of College Networks Programming Rosalyn Durant told that Finebaum will have an increased TV presence in the network’s second year.

“It is a radio show that we televise, so we continue to think of other ways to make it feel and look more like a television show,” Durant told “We’re not certain of what that means yet, but it’s something that we think about and it’s something that we explore.”

“You can expect to see more of Paul and see him out on location with us as much as you’ve seen and even more so,” Durant told “He’s a tremendous asset to the Network.”

Durant, who ran ESPNU for the past seven years, takes over the SEC Network from Justin Connolly, who was responsible for the network’s launch. It’s currently available in 90 million homes and is paid for in 65 million of those. The Southeastern Conference raked in a record $455.8 million in revenue in 2014-2015 with $31 million going to each of the 14 SEC schools. estimates that the SEC network contributed more than $100 million to the conference.

Finebaum will continue his radio show and travel every weekend during football season with SEC Nation, but the network is going to wheel him out whenever it gets the chance as it enters its second year of business.


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