The Seattle Seahawks are going to their second consecutive Super Bowl after beating the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in the NFC Championship game. Seattle is known for its defense, hard-nosed rushing attack and dual-threat quarterback, the main reasons for its dominance.

The Seahawks receivers do not get much attention, mostly because the passing attack ranks 27th in the NFL. Regardless, that fact did not stop Seattle’s leading receiver, Doug Baldwin, from laying into his critics after Sunday’s victory. The main target was NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders, also a Hall of Fame cornerback.

“That’s just what pedestrian, average, mediocre receivers do,” Baldwin told NFL Network’s Steve Wyche on the field after the game. “My man Deion Sanders said we are ‘aight, huh? We ‘aight? Yeah, we ‘aight. We are going to go to the Super Bowl again being ‘aight.”

Sanders responded to Baldwin’s tirade with hysterical laughter before acknowledging his comments:

“I like that, you’re listening baby!,” Sanders said. “You’re ‘aight. They’re ‘aight. I like what they bring to the table, I really do. I love their resilience. I love the attitude that they have, but they are ‘aight. They are ‘aight receivers. I didn’t lie. The truth hurts sometimes but it is what it is.”

Baldwin also had an impromptu press conference in the hallway, letting his feelings known about other media, per Field Gulls of SB Nation.

Update, July 2021: This video has been removed.

In regard to Sanders, he has been working with NFL Network since 2006 in a variety of roles, most prominently on NFL Gameday and Thursday Night Football in the role of analyst. The Hall of Famer has ticked off the Seahawks’ fan base before, notably going after corner Richard Sherman. Sanders called Sherman the best corner in the game but also railed about Sherman’s antics following last year’s NFC title game, when he disparaged San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree in an interview with FOX’s Erin Andrews.

Sanders has never shied away from brash opinions, making him a polarizing figure. In his defense, calling Seattle’s receivers “aight” is likely the best they will get. Baldwin played a decent game on Sunday, catching six passes for 106 yards along with a drop and lost fumble. On the year, Seattle’s leading receiver finished 42nd in the NFL with 825 receiving yards.

Super Bowl media week should be fantastic. Sanders has been getting NFL Network’s main assignment on Media Day, which is held the Tuesday before the Super Bowl.  When Sanders gets to Baldwin’s podium, it will be great television.

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