Sam Dekker is a white guy.

If you watched the NBA Draft on Wednesday night, or any Wisconsin basketball game over the past few years, you already know this.

But you’d also know it by the player comparisons to Dekker.  As friend of AA Paul Pabst likes to always note, there’s a funny quirk when it comes to scouting reports and player comparisons where white guys always get compared to other white guys, no matter how similar or dissimilar their games might actually be.  This hypothesis manifested itself when ESPN’s Jalen Rose dusted off the Wally Szczerbiak tape from out of nowhere as Dekker’s NBA doppelganger.  Even Kyle Lowry of the Raptors joked that Rose was just comparing players who looked alike.

Naturally, it wasn’t just Sczerbiak who was compared to Dekker on draft day.  No, no, no, no.  In fact, you can make the case that Sam Dekker is basically every white guy who has ever laced it up in the association….

Gordon Hayward

Wally Szczerbiak

Keith Van Horn

Chandler Parsons

Chase Budinger

Kyle Korver

Steve Novak

Kyle Singler

Adam Morrison

And yes, Larry Bird.

This is incredible.  I mean really, the only name missing from this list is Eric Piatkowski!  Wait a second…

I think we’re done here.

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