New acquisition Colin Cowherd is the centerpiece of the Fox NFL Kickoff show that moved from FS1 to the Fox mothership this fall.  While Cowherd’s radio show hasn’t been drawing huge audiences, getting him on the network’s football programming is a way to at least try to justify the mega-contract Fox doled out to the former ESPN host.

On Sunday, two of Cowherd’s former ESPN Radio colleagues took issue with the human lightning rod over a segment entitled “You Played, I Didn’t” featuring Cowherd (and his new hairstyle) and Randy Moss.  Both Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo accused Cowherd and Fox of stealing Russillo’s bit, “I played, you didn’t,”

Total coincidence or is Fox trying to take a jab at Cowherd’s former colleagues with this?  I mean, it’s a pretty blatant copy if you do a segment with a TV guy talking to a former athlete and just switch a couple words around from your biggest competitor.

Russillo could always try to take revenge on Cowherd by trying to steal one of his segments, like “Let’s say something offensive about an ethnic group playing sports and get suspended.”