It seems like a long time since we’ve heard from ESPN’s Ron Jaworski.  Ever since he was taken off Monday Night Football as a game analyst, he’s been a bit lost in the shuffle in Bristol.  Yes, he’s still part of ESPN’s vast array of NFL offerings, but he’s been passed on the studio depth chart by Trent Dilfer and doesn’t seem to get as much run as ESPN’s small armada of insiders.

Perhaps that’s why Jaworski felt motivated to get his name out there and “break” the news that Odell Beckham’s one-game suspension was overturned by the league.  Well, in fairness, it was former Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes who had it first on Twitter.  But there was Jaws, with some scoopage!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.17.59 PM

On second thought, maybe not…

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 5.18.07 PM

You probably know where this one is headed.  Jaws deleted the tweets as Schefter and others reported that the suspension was in fact upheld.

There’s still few better when it comes to breaking down the X’s and O’s of professional football… but next time perhaps Jaws should leave the reporting to the professionals… or stay away from Chris Mortensens’ DeflateGate sources.  One or the other.

UPDATE: Jaws has apologized for reporting the wrong info:

And it was followed by a statement issued through ESPN public relations:

“Jaws did not go through the process we have in place for breaking news. We’ve addressed it with him and he understands.”

Looks like Jaws will stick to analysis and leave the reporting to Schefter and the other ESPN insiders.

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