The Josh Hamilton relapse situation is pretty clearly a sensitive topic that has drawn plenty of hot takes from around the sports world.

During Wednesday night’s Rockies-Angels game, Colorado’s Root Sports Rocky Mountain broadcast crew of Drew Goodman and Jeff Huson provided even more of those hot takes, dressing Hamilton down for not thanking the Angels for paying him tens of millions of dollars *and* for not apologizing to Angels fans for… not playing well? Having an addition that he succumbed to? I’m not sure.

Here’s a transcript of their comments.

“Howie Kendrick is gone. You can focus on that certainly. Also, the whole Josh Hamilton situation. A lot of guys around this club have said that they haven’t fully reconciled what went down in their minds. And a lot of players, not just at the top with Arte Moreno, are upset with Josh Hamilton that he never publicly thanked the Angels for paying him a ton of money. And he obviously didn’t hold up his end up the bargain, I understand he has demons, but he never publicly acknowledged his teammates or the Angels organization at all.”

“And the Angels are still on the hook for about $71 million of the $80 million still owed to him. So yeah, if you want to thank anybody, that’s who you should be thanking.”

“It became more about the Rangers bringing him back, and I don’t know if Josh Hamilton didn’t think it through or got poor advice, but in his situation, in my opinion, you need to spend some time apologizing to the Angels fans, to his teammates, and thanking the organization for what they ended up doing, not only initially, but sending him back to Texas”

I’m wondering what the point of this was. All that Goodman and Huson showed during this discussion was that they don’t understand addiction and were ignorant of the comments made by Arte Moreno, Jerry DiPoto, and other Angels staffers trashing Hamilton for his problems (which were well known when Moreno backed up the Brinks truck to sign Hamilton before the 2013 season).

But really, what is Hamilton supposed to apologize for to the Angels and their fans? And while he’s at it, Hamilton is supposed to thank the team’s management that absolutely ran him through the ringer in the media, lobbied to have him suspended so they wouldn’t have to pay him, and tried to void his contract? Sounds fair enough.

Oh, and just for the hell of it, here’s the graphic they ran during the discussion…complete with an awful pun and a typo!


Bang up job all around, guys.

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