Michelle Beadle… Keith Olbermann… Jason Whitlock… and now Rachel Nichols.

ESPN has thrown its arms open wide and welcomed back plenty of former Bristolites in recent years, reversing years of a more hardline stance where there was only a one-way ticket out of town.  The latest former ESPNer to come home is reporter Rachel Nichols.  According to ESPN oracle Jim Miller, Nichols is returning to ESPN in a new capacity to host a new daily show:


Nichols did host her own show on Turner network CNN, but it was a flop, mostly because of its awful Friday night timeslot.  Unguarded with Rachel Nichols was unceremoniously canceled after some not so good ratings.

However, where Nichols really shone was as a reporter, both on the sidelines and in challenging Roger Goodell during the seemingly never-ending commissioner confidence crisis.  That event in particular displayed Nichols’ toughness in questioning and journalistic bonafides, which were seen at ESPN as she served as an E:60 correspondent and in covering the NFL.

As far as her brand new role at ESPN and what the network has planned for Nichols in her second stint, I’d love to see her do something similar to Keith Olbermann’s eponymous show where she could have a platform to offer commentary and do interviews.  That cutting voice standing up to the powers that be has been somewhat missing from ESPN’s lineup ever since Bristol parted ways with Olbermann once again earlier this year.

Or even better, maybe they can give Nichols the First Take timeslot.  Win-win.

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