The new PBS series titled “In Their Own Words” will highlight three noteworthy individuals through their own memorable quotes. PBS will cover Jim Henson and Queen Elizabeth II, but the profile which should be seen by sports fans will air in the series’ second episode and is a one-hour feature on Muhammad Ali.

Ali’s profile will expand on his incredible career and inspirational personal story. Based around the “I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” quote, the episode will focus on Ali’s battles both inside and outside the ring. Ali’s friends, family and admirers will discuss the legendary boxer, including LL Cool J, Sugar Ray Leonard, football star Jim Brown and photographer Howard Bingham.

“In Their Own Words” should offer a fascinating take on Ali (as well as the Queen and Henson). According to Executive Producer Chuck Dalaklis via the network’s release on the series, viewers are in for a unique experience.

“People always recall actions, but words spoken at the time provide powerful context and great insight to those actions. Here are three examples of people, from very different backgrounds and very different life paths, all of whom shared the commonality of speaking from the heart. In doing so, they made everlasting marks on the world.”

Ali is one of the most famous, charismatic, and influential athletes of all-time and hopefully this PBS series should shed light on him in a way which some fans haven’t seen before.

Here’s a preview of the Ali episode:

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