The San Diego Padres are going to be honoring the San Diego-born Bill Walton in a unique way this December – by creating the Bill Walton Basketball Festival, running from November 30th to December 5th.

The Padres and the Hall of Famer on Tuesday announced the Bill Walton Basketball Festival beginning Nov. 30 and culminating with a game between San Diego and San Diego State on Dec. 5.

The court will be set up between third base and home plate.

The festival will consist of youth clinics led by Walton, charity games, community league games and high school games, plus whatever else Walton might think up.

”Anything that’s basketball in this community that’s big-time, should bear Bill Walton’s name,” Padres president Mike Dee said. ”He’s the best. He’s a community treasure.”

Walton said it will be ”an absolutely thrilling week. And I am proud, privileged, honored and humbled to be a volunteer for this incredible situation where people are going to come together in our city and play basketball in Petco Park.”

It would be appropriate if Walton was the one calling the festival-ending game, but given that the game is taking place on college football’s Championship Saturday, it could be difficult for ESPN to squeeze it into their schedule.

There could also be some form of non-basketball entertainment during the festival – and Walton could (naturally) be involved.

”Mike, what are we looking at for a postgame concert and party celebration?” Walton asked.

”We’re counting on you and your many friends in the music industry and we’re ready to go,” Dee replied to Walton, believed to be the world’s tallest Deadhead.

”Only if I can sing and play the drums,” Walton said.

Bill Walton singing and drumming? If that happens, I’m going to expect a Periscope broadcast of the event.

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