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We told you earlier this summer that satellite provider DirecTV had been conducting informal talks with Pac-12 Network. It appears that the league-owned network is reaching the next step with a signal test. Some people noticed that Pac-12 Network appeared for a brief period Wednesday on channel 612 which would be in the neighborhood of Big Ten Network which is on channel 610 and SEC Network on channel 611.

So what does this mean? Does this signify that a deal between the Pac-12 and DirecTV is near? Maybe. DirecTV has kept Pac-12 Network off its lineup since the channel’s inception and has worn it like a badge of honor citing its carriage fee. In addition, DirecTV officials have said the network’s multiple feeds took up too much bandwidth.

But with AT&T as the new owners of DirecTV plus the company being a corporate partner of both the league and the network, the Pac-12 vow of patience during this dispute appears to be paying off.

While there has been no official statement from either side since the AT&T takeover of DirecTV was approved by the Feds, it seems that it’s full speed ahead to get Pac-12 Network on the provider’s lineup.

Whether the feeds can go online in time for football season is another question, but having a signal test has to be encouraging. SB Nation’s Pacific Takes points out that rival Dish Network conducted signal tests for Pac-12 Network before bringing its feeds on board. We’ll see if this latest development leads to an agreement or if this is a giant tease.

We’re betting that the agreement comes sooner than later, but you just never know in this crazy world.

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