The perils of social media are wide-ranging and can oftentimes be much more complex than meets the eye, but we have to admit this is a new one.  On Monday, suspended Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon was back in the public eye when WXIA in Atlanta tweeted out an article saying he was arrested for a DWI.  Given Gordon’s year-long suspension and continual trouble with substance abuse, the incredulous reaction across Twitter was immediate.

But there was just one problem – WXIA mysteriously tweeted out an old article.  While Twitter was freaking out thinking Gordon was arrested again, they were really all coming up with their jokes, sarcastic remarks, and public shaming about his arrest from 2014.

How did this happen?  Apparently site maintenance at WXIA caused the old article to spit out anew on the station’s social media feed.

There’s now even a clarification on the article in question that it is indeed from 2014 in big bold letters and not some weird Twitter timewarp.

Finally, Gordon also tweeted about the insanity, and it’s just kind of depressing to read.

It must be a pretty lonely feeling to be suspended for an entire season and feel like the whole world, including Twitter bots, are against you.

H/T Brandon