You’ll have to forgive Sports Illustrated but there’s a lot of important things to worry about in the upcoming College Football Playoff. You’ve got to worry about the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide, who are always dangerous. You’ve got the undefeated Clemson Tigers and their colorful coach Dabo Swinney. Then there’s the Oklahoma Sooners, a longtime powerhouse whose back in the big show.

Oh and the Michigan State Spartans. They’re there too. And they’ve got a coach of their own. You know, what’s his name.

Whatever his name is, it’s certainly not what Sports Illustrated decided to go with on their regional cover this week.


We’re sure “Mike” Dantonio has done some fine work for the Spartans but he’ll have to defer the true credit to Mark Dantonio, who is, in fact, the head coach of Michigan State.

To be fair, Sports Illustrated can at least take some modicum of comfort in knowing they are merely the latest in a long line of professional sports organizations who cannot for the life of them figure out what Dantonio’s first name actually is.

Somewhere, there’s a Mike Dantonio calling Michigan State University and asking for a raise for all the hard work he’s done to get the Spartans into the College Football Playoff.

[Mike Wilson]

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