Ed Note: The following appears courtesy our friends at Puck Drunk Love.

You might remember back in January we discussed the fact the NHL was going to be experimenting with cameras inside the goal posts. The objective being that the league would have another look to call on for goal reviews and the new angle might allow for a better view of close plays. At the time, it was pretty difficult to imagine what the league had in mind, but the Detroit Red Wings just received a delivery which will shed some light on the topic.

We haven’t heard whether or not the league will be using these new nets in actual games anytime soon, but it might be telling that the Red Wings received one.

The photo above shows that the camera would be at least a couple of feet off the ice. This may contradict earlier impressions which seemed to indicate the camera would be closer to the ice surface to see whether or not the puck crossed the line beneath a goaltender’s pads.

The space left for the camera also raises a lot of questions. What kind of covering will be used once the camera is in place? Won’t the size and placement of this opening result in the puck taking some weird deflections?

We’ll have to wait for answers, but it’s clear the NHL is moving forward with the concept.