Since late September, the NFL has been running anti-domestic violence public service announcements from the anti-domestic violence group No More. And starting in late October, they aired with various current and ex-NFL players including Cris Carter, Eli Manning and others. They came in the wake of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases that marred the NFL in the first month of the regular season.

Following those incidents, the NFL commissioned the announcements and they began airing on all of the league’s television partners during games.

Before the NFL season began, No More had been a relatively unknown organization. With the attention from the NFL, it has raised its profile. It’s a amalgamation of various anti-domestic violence and sexual assault groups that has a small staff and no full-time employees.

Starting in 2013, No More began to air PSA’s with various celebrities shot similarly to the NFL promos airing now. According to the New York Times, No More’s website had 35,000 page views. Last month with the NFL’s awareness, that grew considerably to 275,000.

The No More campaign will continue throughout the NFL Playoffs into the Conference Championship games at no cost to the organization, but there’s no word if the PSA’s will be seen during Super Bowl XLIX when the television audience will be the biggest. But even if won’t make the Super Bowl, No More feels it has accomplished what it set out to do and that is to reach a bigger audience. The fact that the NFL would be sacrificing those potential ad dollars for these announcements show the impact of the domestic violence crisis that has dominated the off-field news this year.

No More feels it has found the perfect partner with the NFL to reach more people and to raise awareness on domestic violence.

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