Get your DVR ready. A new season of ESPN’s SC Featured begins on Sunday, February 8th. The award-winning series has provided unique and memorable views inside some of the most interesting stories around the world of sports. Last year, SC Featured won an Emmy for its brilliant piece on Richie Parker.

This season is poised to be just as compelling. The season premiere will introduce viewers to Austin Hatch, a University of Michigan basketball player who has survived two plane crashes. The crashes resulted in the death of his father and family members. SC Featured will show how despite incredible adversity, Hatch finally realized his dream of playing college basketball this season.

Other stories this season will take viewers around the globe, with a look at the Vatican’s own cricket club, a profile on a competitor running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents and much more.

Here’s a look at the upcoming season:

SC Featured has done a lot to restore prominence to SportsCenter and move it beyond some of the same old analysis and debate that had come to dominate the program in recent times. The effort that goes into SC Featured, and telling these unique stories, is definitely worthy of major plaudits.

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