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There are still plenty of issues with MLB’s local television model – hello, fans in Las Vegas and Iowa blacked out of five or six teams who you can’t see on your local cable package. But one smaller issue is being fixed for the 2016 season – MLB will allow fans to stream games in-market. The catches are that only Fox and MLB have reached an agreement (sorry, Comcast), and that you must have an authenticated login to stream the games (sorry, cord cutters).

Some of the details from SBJ’s Eric Fisher…

The Blue Jays allow in-market streaming through Rogers, but considering that Rogers *owns* the team, that makes things a tad bit easier. The Yankees and Padres have also experimented with in-market streaming in the past, but it didn’t exactly go too well.

Regardless of the issues, this is a huge deal for MLB, Fox, and its fans – the lack of in-market streaming has been ridiculous, especially considering that both the NBA and NHL got deals done with various providers recently. MLB was really the last holdout, and now that Fox (which owns the broadcast rights to 15 teams through their RSNs) has gotten a deal done, the other RSNs will likely up falling into line sooner rather than later.

In case you’re curious of the teams that this will effect, here’s a list.
-Arizona Diamondbacks
-Atlanta Braves
-Cincinnati Reds
-Cleveland Indians
-Detroit Tigers
-Kansas City Royals
-Los Angeles Angels
-Miami Marlins
-Milwaukee Brewers
-Minnesota Twins
-New York Yankees
-San Diego Padres
-St. Louis Cardinals
-Tampa Bay Rays
-Texas Rangers

The most important thing is that the ball is finally rolling for in-market streaming. After years of butting heads, half of the league is on board.

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