Here’s a classic Awful Announcing clip.  During Saturday’s Michigan State-Indiana game, Connor Cook threw a touchdown to Aaron Burbridge in the corner of the endzone.  Inexplicably, Patrick excitedly called it an interception by Indiana’s Rashard Fant even though it was the most obvious touchdown in the history of college football.  After talking about the phantom interception for what seemed like an eternity, Patrick finally realized Michigan State had scored a touchdown, maybe because he saw the entire stadium celebrating.

The call makes no sense on a couple levels – first, Patrick said the pass was overthrown, which would have put it out of the endzone.  Second, Fant had his back turned to the quarterback the entire play… so unless he’s growing a second set of reversible arms that are supposed to catch balls behind him, he ain’t intercepting that pass.  Maybe he got the two #16s confused, but that still doesn’t account for the rest of the description.

There’s only one comment you can make after this play: what is Britney doing with her life?

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