Sometimes at Awful Announcing we let our imagination run wild with fantasy broadcasting scenarios.  What would it sound like if Bill Walton announced the Spelling Bee?  How cool would it be if you could get Bill Raftery in the 16th tower at Augusta with Verne Lundquist?  Could you imagine what would happen if the Men in Blazers got to broadcast the Running of the Bulls coverage?

Wait, that last one is actually happening.

A couple weeks ago when they stopped by the AA Podcast, Roger Bennett and Michael Davies said they had something up their sleeves for a summer holiday adventure.  Now we know what that is.  The pair will be going to Pamplona, Spain for a week of live coverage of the Running of the Bulls on Esquire Network.  Not only will their be live coverage starting July 7 at 2 AM ET, but there will also be a one hour show at 11 PM ET each night.  Davies and Bennett will host behind the scenes coverage, interviews, and well, people running away from stampeding bulls hoping not to get horns driven through their flesh.

Here’s the Esquire announcement:

RUNNING OF THE BULLS 2015 – Premieres Tuesday, July 7

LIVE Men in Blazers Event coverage from Pamplona, Spain, beginning Tuesday July 7th at 2-2:30AM ET and one hour show at 11PM/10c

If you can’t be in Spain for the Running of the Bulls, Esquire Network lets you do the next best thing: watch it live. For eight straight nights you’ll see participants from around the globe engage in one of the world’s most iconic cultural traditions. Hosted by Michael Davies and Roger Bennett of the cult-hit podcast and NBC Sports Network comedy, ‘Men in Blazers,’ RUNNING OF THE BULLS 2015 returns for a second heart-pounding season with behind the scenes festival coverage, runner interviews, incisive wit, and probably more than a few close calls.

It’s been several years since I’ve seen Running of the Bulls coverage (something tells me it was on ESPN2 way back in the day hosted by Larry Beil, but I could be getting that mixed up with sumo wrestling…), but this is something worth setting your DVRs for.  We’ve seen what the MiB can do with the Premier League and its cast of characters, but can you imagine what they’ll come up with for the blank canvas of the Running of the Bulls?

This is one of the craziest ideas I think I’ve ever heard of in sports television, and also one of the best.