Bill Walton was on fire last night. And that included a totally bizarre and weird admission, even for Bill Walton.

In the middle of the second half, broadcast partner Dave Pasch made the fateful decision to ask Walton about growing up in San Diego and his knowledge about milking cows. This is normal for a typical Bill Walton broadcast. That’s when Walton said that he had indeed milked cows before. But he didn’t stop there. No, Walton then said he had been milked himself.

The dead silence from Dave Pasch for 10 seconds is the only appropriate reaction. I think (?) this is the first time a basketball analyst has ever admitted to being milked during a live broadcast. Maybe Walton watched Meet the Parents and transferred the movie to his own life? Or maybe, just maybe, Walton has legitimately been milked in some kind of new age healing sort of way.

Naturally, this only produces more questions. Like who? Where? When? What? And of course, why?

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