One of the delightful new social media memes is retweeting old Skip Bayless tweets that prove to be horribly, horribly wrong.  Naturally, there’s a lot of said tweets to choose from given that Bayless’ carnival barking schtick is all about ridiculous proclamations.

In the wake of the Colts’ upset win in Denver during the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, everyone had a chuckle at these Bayless tweets making the rounds, especially the one from 2012 about Andrew Luck and RGIII…

For whatever reason – his voice, his beard, the cut of his gib – Skip Bayless has had it out for Andrew Luck since he stepped into the NFL.  (So much so that he had to write a column about his trolling of Luck.)  I don’t know of a single sports fan who hates Andrew Luck, but that’s what makes Bayless tick.

And while ESPN management has given Bayless carte blanche to do what he pleases, other ESPN personalities aren’t as impressed.  One of our Twitter followers passed along this exchange with ESPN NFL analyst Mark Schlereth where he seems less than impressed with the First Take grandstander:

Good for Mark Schlereth for being willing to respond openly and honestly.  This is what we’ve always maintained about the First Take brand and why it hurts ESPN so much.  There are so many professional, hard-working analysts at ESPN that don’t have to resort to the lowest common denominator stuff, but they get drowned out by the Bayless types.  Should anyone at ESPN really be happy that the first thing you think about from the network after a big game is everyone rejoicing over proving Skip Bayless wrong?  Our condolences to Mr. Schlereth on his upcoming suspension.

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