You may recall that during the offseason soap opera As DeAndre Jordan Turns that one of the highlights of the story was the run-in between Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Chris Broussard’s Sources.

At one stage, Broussard reported that Cuban was driving around Houston looking for Jordan’s address in some kind of Amazing Race scenario.  The whole scenario was rather implausible to begin with – a guy who was a shark-killing President of the United States can’t find someone’s address?  Please!

Cuban had this response:

Eventually, Broussard backed down from his story and apologized for his “mistake” by saying he tweeted “hastily.”  In spite of that, Cuban hasn’t exactly forgot about Broussard’s Sources doing him wrong.  As the Clippers and Mavs reunited last night, Cuban said this about Broussard… and his sources:

“My sources say he’s an idiot” may go down as one of the great burns towards a sports media member we’ve seen.

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