Well, Lou Holtz’s “retirement” didn’t last long.

The legendary college football coach retired from ESPN this past year after working a number of years as a television analyst for the network.  When Holtz left the network in April he said “I have no intentions of broadcasting anymore.”

Those intentions lasted just a few months as Holtz has returned to the sports media world and signed on with SiriusXM to host two college football shows on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  But that’s not all – on Tuesday afternoons Holtz will also host a golf show on the PGA Tour Radio channel, delightfully titled Holtz in One.  If you’ve ever wanted to hear golf stories from Lou Holtz, your wishes have finally been answered.

Via the SiriusXM announcement:

SiriusXM announced today that legendary coach Lou Holtz has joined the talent roster at SiriusXM, where he will host shows dedicated to two of his life’s passions – college football and golf.

Starting on Friday, August 28, Coach Holtz will host twice a week on SiriusXM College Sports Nation (channel 84 on satellite radios, on the SiriusXM app and online at SiriusXM.com).  He’ll talk about the world of college football and take calls from listeners on The Playbook every Friday (1:00-4:00 pm ET) alongside Jack Arute.  He will also be heard every Saturday hosting the SiriusXM College Football Tailgate Show (9:00 am – 12:00 pm ET) with Jason Horowitz and Phil Savage.

Additionally Holtz, an avid golfer who has played to a single digit handicap, will debut a new show on Tuesday, September 1 (1:00-3:00 pm ET) on the SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio channel (Sirius 208, XM 92 on satellite radios, on the SiriusXM app and at SiriusXM.com).  Holtz in One, which Holtz will host alongside Fred Albers, will be a place for him to share his passion for the game of golf with listeners around the country, discuss the latest news and events on the PGA TOUR and share his many stories from the course.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with SiriusXM,” said Holtz.  “This gives me the chance to talk about college football and golf with fans of both games.  The start of college football season is always a thrilling time for me and so many others around the country.  The idea of being part of a golf show is really exciting, and we are in a terrific era with so much young talent in the game. SiriusXM is the perfect place for me to talk about both sports.”

“Coach Holtz is known for his extraordinary career as a National Championship-winning football coach, but not as many people know of his level of devotion to the game of golf,” said Scott Greenstein, SiriusXM’s President and Chief Content Officer.  “On SiriusXM he’ll have two forums that allow him to talk in-depth and at length about both sports, to interact with and inspire listeners across the country, and to share insight and knowledge from decades of experiences on the football field and the golf course.”

I don’t know about you, but Lou Holtz hosting a talk show about golf might be one of the most charming things in the spoken word since FDR’s fireside chats.

It should actually be refreshing to hear Holtz’s perspective on college football now that he’s detached from the hip from Mark May.  Holtz is one of the most unique, interesting personalities that has ever graced college football (and.. uh… golf, I guess) but he became part of a sideshow act at ESPN that devolved into something where it was easy to forget all the positive contributions he’s made over the years.  Hopefully it’s the other side of Holtz that we’ll get to hear on SiriusXM and not the one that had to constantly combat Mark May’s trolling.  And in the moments when he gets really excited, hopefully there are subtitles.

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