Can you believe it’s been four years since Charlie Sheen’s bonkers interview where he told the world he was on a powerful drug called “Charlie Sheen?”  And even though Sheen’s moment in the sun as an insane celebrity person injected with tiger blood has faded from view, he’s still out there “bi-winning” in his own way.

Sheen is somehow currently embroiled in a mini-feud with Keith Olbermann over his call for the USWNT to suspend Hope Solo, even drawing Olby out for another round of “batting practice” after the ESPN host pledged to resign from Twitter scraps following his recent suspension.

It started with this Olbermann essay urging Solo’s suspension after ESPN’s Outside the Lines reported on the details of the domestic violence case surrounding her.

Then Sheen came out of nowhere with this bizarre tweet defending Solo.  I’m not sure if Sheen and Solo have any prior relationship here outside “crazy people gotta stick together.”

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