Last week’s Jay and Dan Podcast dropped some unexpected news.  At around the 47 minute mark, the hosts and Peter Schrager causally throw out that Fox Sports 1 colleague Katie Nolan would be getting her own television show on Sunday nights called “Garbage Time with Katie Nolan.”

At this point, not much is known about the show other than that.  No premiere date has been set and a format hasn’t been decided.  A show centered around Nolan for Sunday nights called Garbage Time is certainly in the hopper, though.  SBJ has a short blurb on plans for the show that don’t go beyond those basics that were unveiled in the podcast.  Fox Sports declined to go on record to AA regarding the new show as they did to SBJ.

On Twitter, Nolan poked fun at Onrait and O’Toole for “breaking” the story:

Nolan originally starred as an ensemble cast member at Crowd Goes Wild, but the show was canceled after less than a year.  Since then her No Filter video series has produced several viral hits, with the latest one being her throw down the gauntlet at Peter King.

It’s long been past time that FS1 finds some way for Nolan to contribute on the television side as she’s been one of the network’s breakout stars.  Hopefully the television platform will allow for more of the same cutting commentary from, but reaching an audience in a Sunday night timeslot might prove to be a challenge with all the competition present if there are no solid live event lead-ins.

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