WrestleMania takes place this Sunday and WWE has had a couple ESPNers take part in the build-up.  Bill Simmons appeared on Monday Night Raw as a guest commentator for a match, but the real highlight is Jon Gruden’s QB Camp analysis of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

It is amazing.

This may be Jon Gruden’s finest work.  Looking at old Andre the Giant highlights, showcasing Titus O’Neil as his Gruden Grinder and talking about his college football career at Florida, giving a shoutout to #AxelMania, it is phenomenal.  Either Gruden is a WWE fan and knows the ins and outs of the product or he did a heck of a job studying tape.  Can you just imagine Gruden waking up at 3:18 AM and loading up WWE Network to analyze nothing but Ryback matches?  And the best part of it all is the old-school pronunciation of “battle roy-ale.”

Now all I want in life is to see Jon Gruden do a QB Camp with WWE superstars where he has the same intensity and passion for a properly executed hurricanrana as he does for Spider 2 Y Banana.

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