We’ve chronicled time and time again on how ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd has harped on the Washington Wizards’ John Wall for his famous (or in Cowherd’s opinion infamous) Dougie dance that occurred five years ago! It’s gotten to the point where fellow ESPN’ers have gotten sick of the strange obsession. Well, count Wall’s former coach at Kentucky, John Calipari, as those who are fed up of Cowherd’s Wall rants.

On Friday, Calipari went on Cowherd’s show to make a special appeal:

“You’ve got to stop on John Wall,” the coach said. “You’re out of your mind. He did something six years ago when he was 19 years old. He does a dance. What was the name of the dance? Stop. That was seven years ago. Here’s what I would say to you: he and Derrick Rose and a couple other guys are the best point guards in the league. They are.”

It led to a brief exchange between Coach Cal and Cowherd including where the radio host harped on Wall getting someone thrown off a plane:

Calipari said that was one of his boys, and that if he cares about that, Cowherd would also need to similarly lambaste every NBA player whose boys have ever done anything amiss.

“Don’t you think he could mature a little?” Cowherd asked.

“Oh no, I’m with you,” Calipari said. “Listen, he has come so far. There’s not one time that he doesn’t text me or call me that ends with ‘Coach, I love you.’ Are you kidding me? And I’m telling you, he took over a franchise that was abysmal; they’re now in the playoffs. He’s 24 years old. Here’s what I would say: you can say, look, he doesn’t shoot [that well]. He’s becoming a better leader. He did the Dougie. He lost his mind. He didn’t know better. It was immature.”

Calipari then told Cowherd that he needed to go to church more often and learn to forgive to which Cowherd replied that he didn’t go to church much.

At least someone had the balls to go on Cowherd’s show to tell him to stop on his nutty Wall obsession. But despite this, you have the feeling that it won’t prevent more Wall rants in the future. Until either Wall or Cowherd retires, these silly harps will go on for the foreseeable future.

[Washington Post/Video courtesy The Big Lead]

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