The ESPN/OTL report on the soap opera between the New England Patriots, Roger Goodell, and the NFL opened up some old wounds on SpyGate – which up until DeflateGate was the defining “Gate” scandal in the NFL.  (Sorry, BountyGate.)  The reported information in the Outside the Lines report caused the NFL world to re-examine SpyGate and just how things went down the way they did.

In particular, one of the elements of SpyGate that has come back to the surface is what happened with Roger Goodell destroying the tapes and Senator Arlen Specter’s hopes to investigate the situation.

When addressing SpyGate on Fox NFL Sunday, insider Jay Glazer revealed something not widely known.  He said Senator Specter tried to force him to turn over his SpyGate tape to congress during his attempts to investigate the NFL.  But that’s not all.  Specter tried to trade scoops with Glazer to no avail.  Finally, the Senator even threatened Glazer with possible jail time to turn over his tape, but Glazer held firm.

One has to think that being threatened with jail time by a standing US Senator and having the last existing SpyGate tape is a trump card Glazer can play over Adam Schefter and all the other NFL insiders out there.

It’s crazy to think that we’re reliving this scandal that’s almost a decade old, but here’s my question… why not just go ahead and show the tape in its entirety?  For what it’s worth, Glazer also opened up to The Postgame in 2014 about SpyGate and Specter’s pressuring to turn over the tape, which Glazer joked he’s shown at parties.  At this point, why not let the rest of America see it?  There’s likely never going to be another time when SpyGate is this relevant ever again and the tape has no real value if it’s just going to stay locked away forever.

Could you imagine the kind of viewership numbers that would come in if Fox advertised a primetime special SECRETS REVEALED: THE FULL SPYGATE TAPE.  Put it on Fox Sports 1 on a Tuesday night during sweeps, promote the heck out of it during NFL games, and it could become that network’s highest rated show ever.  You can even have Jim Gray interview Jay Glazer to add to the drama.

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