Jason Whitlock has been filling in on Pardon The Interruption this week and creating plenty of controversy, adding to the case that it’s hard for ESPN to find a constructive place to use him. He continued that on Friday’s show, talking to Dan Le Batard about the Clippers flying to DeAndre Jordan’s house and keeping him there and comparing it to his own relationships with women:

Here’s the transcription of his comments:

Whitlock: “It’s a mental game. I’ve started every relationship this way, Dan. You isolate the woman, you get her away from her family and friends. You don’t want them talking any sense into her. You don’t want her knowing she’s making a mistake.”

Le Batard interjects, “But Jason, you’re still single!”

Whitlock continues: “By the time it’s over and she’s in love, it’s like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking to her, ‘Womp womp womp womp.’ That’s what Cuban should have done.”

Unsurprisingly, those comments aren’t going over well on social media. What is surprising is that unlike fellow ESPN provocateurs Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, who usually don’t respond to criticism on Twitter, Whitlock is firing back at his critics:




There are obvious problems with Whitlock making those kinds of comments, whether in jest or not. It’s his Twitter shots that are really interesting, though; it’s out of character for most ESPN personalities to engage that way. We’ll see if Bristol does anything here, but this adds to the case that Whitlock is more trouble than he’s worth on TV.

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