Because he’s no longer running The Undefeated, Jason Whitlock has to do something at ESPN.  That something has included spot duty guest hosting PTI in recent days.  On Wednesday’s episode, he and Tony Kornheiser had a discussion about the US Women’s National Team’s semifinal victory over Germany in the Women’s World Cup.  That conversation featured a couple uncomfortable moments.

The whole “they’re all thinking about who’s going to rip their shirt off first” line probably offended somebody, but that is a relevant moment in US Soccer history, so whatever.  Let’s talk about the other moment, though – Whitlock calling the World Cup Final the “gold medal game” repeatedly.  Whitlock’s face after TK corrected him (pictured above) is right up there with the Kirk Herbstreit Earthquake Face in AA annals.

It’s not quite Stephen A. Smith talking about ties in hockey as far as a lack of knowledge about current events goes, but it’s close.  And in fairness to Whitlock, with all the FIFA corruption and neglect for the tournament and Sepp Blatter not even making the trip to Vancouver for the Final, would anyone be surprised if FIFA forgot the trophy?