In sports media, rarely do we get afternoon drive host on play-by-play voice crime. But we got it in Boston last week when 98.5 The Sports Hub afternoon drive co-host Michael Felger got on NESN Bruins voice Jack Edwards. In a discussion on the Boston Bruins, Felger talked about right winger Brett Connolly and he called Edwards comments on him during a broadcast “laughable.”

At the 22:33 mark of this particular hour, Felger began talking about Connolly and moved to Edwards:

Felger: I thought Brett Connolly looked like he belonged. Let’s see going forward… Jack Edwards last night .. laughable. Did you hear Jack Edwards the first time he referenced him in the first period, Jimmy? Did you hear what Jack Edwards said about Brett Connolly?

Jimmy: No, I listened to the radio with Gosch and Beers (radio voices Dave Goscher and Bob Beers).

Felger: “One of the best shots in the league.” ..  “One of the best shots in the league.”

It just so happened that Jack was listening and he decided to fire off a call to Felger. After going over the game tape, Edwards transcribed his call in which he called Felgie a liar and lucky for us, put it on a website.

Mike, this is Jack Edwards. You can choose to take shortcuts, be sloppy, reckless with inuendo (sic), and mean-spirited, but you crossed the line when you lied about me this afternoon on your rant about how I characterized Brett Connolly. I heard it. I knew I hadn’t said it. So I went to the aircheck, on which I have just wasted half an hour on a game prep day so I could set the record straight.

Edwards then read the transcript of his call in which included this statement about Connelly:

He’s not afraid to be confrontational, and he’ll shoot the puck when he’s got the chance.

And he added:

So no one ever said that Connolly had one of the best shots in the NHL, as you repeatedly shouted on the air during the 4 o’clock hour. In addition, you – at least a couple of times – attributed the statement that never was made … to me.

Finally, Edwards concluded with this:

You ripped me at the top of your voice in the 4 o’clock hour of a holiday afternoon getaway. You were playing yourself in prime time by being a tough guy and slamming me.

But you got it wrong.

Man up

The ball is in your court, Mr. Felger.


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