Have you ever been so frustrated by a certain announcer that you just had to mute the television?  Yea, that’s happened to us quite a bit of times.

Have you ever been so frustrated by a certain announcer that you had to blast out a tweet to the world to share your feelings of discontentment?  Guilty as charged.

Have you ever been so frustrated by a certain announcer that you joked about getting a sniper to shoot them on Facebook and risk your job over it?  Yea… that might be taking it just a bit too far.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Iowa state patrolman and Hawkeye basketball fan Kelly Hindman did over the weekend with ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich.

Hindman posted a message on his Facebook page about taking Dakich out with a sniper because he was being driven nuts during the Iowa-Ohio State game.  Apparently the state patrol doesn’t take too kindly to their officers joking about such things.  Via the Associated Press:

An Iowa State Patrol supervisor faced a disciplinary investigation Monday after he joked on Facebook that he wanted a sniper to shoot an ESPN announcer in the head.

Lt. Kelly Hindman, district commander of Post 7 in Fort Dodge, posted about broadcaster Dan Dakich on Saturday during the Ohio State-Iowa basketball game.

Hindman wrote that he wished “there was a sniper at Carver Hawkeye (Arena) to shoot the color commentator in the head…cause he is driving me nuts.”

The Iowa Department of Public Safety, which includes the patrol, learned of the comment Monday afternoon and launched an internal investigation.

“The Department takes the matter seriously,” spokesman Alex Murphy said. “We will look into this allegation and take any necessary actions regarding this personnel matter.”

Within hours, Hindman took down the comment and disabled his Facebook account. He didn’t return an email seeking comment.

Dakich was catching stick from Hawkeye fans on Twitter pretty much all day on Saturday, whether it was talking about the color of the locker rooms or calling star player Aaron White “Andrew.”

White even joked about all the love thrown Dakich’s way in this tweet.

Fanbases hold grudges against announcers all the time, but let’s all make an agreement that the sniper jokes are just a bad idea.  Dakich is a polarizing figure that fans tend to love or hate.  And he’s willing to dish it out as well as take it.  You have to read this lengthy magazine profile that focuses on his Indy radio show to discover what makes the former coach tick.  My guess is that Dakich will be fine, though.  If he can survive a blood feud with Boston sports talk radio, he can survive anything.

And by the way, the game Dakich is scheduled to announce tonight?  Iowa-Wisconsin.


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