Like Montana and Rice or Bird and Magic, a blowout game and Bill Walton at the mic is one of the most magical combinations in sports.  Because Walton announcing a game is a wild enough experience when you’re talking about a close game where *most* of his attention is on the floor.  But during a blowout, it really allows Bill to explore the space in his mind, which is as large as the Grand Canyon.

See this exchange with ultimate straight man Dave Pasch at the end of last night’s Stanford-Utah game.  That’s where Walton segued a SportsCenter promo into a conversation about volcanoes.

And if that’s not enough, here’s what Walton tweeted before the game – an homage to Willie Nelson and… yea…

There’s just a few games left in the Bill Walton experience for 2015.  Enjoy it while it lasts, people.

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