Ever since Jay & Dan spilled the beans on their podcast about the news that Katie Nolan was getting her own show, Fox Sports has treated it with the secrecy of the Manhattan Project.  No details were known beyond the existence of a show for Katie Nolan on Sunday nights that would be called “Garbage Time.”  (I hope they go with the fancy French pronounciation of garbaj for the program.)

Well now Fox Sports has finally decided to let America in on the secret with a press release announcing the show as well as some additional details.  It’ll air Sunday nights at 9:30 PM ET on Fox Sports 1 after the network’s weekly MLS coverage.  (That’s as long as there is an MLS season barring some kind of work stoppage.)  Garbage Time will also feature a variety of segments in and out of the studio with a rotating cast of commentators and celebrity guests.

Katie Nolan, host of NO FILTER on FOXSports.com and breakout star of former FOX Sports 1 show CROWD GOES WILD, returns to television with a new weekly show, GARBAGE TIME WITH KATIE NOLAN, premiering Sunday, March 15 (9:30-10:00 PM ET). The same-day taped show airs Sunday nights on FOX Sports 1, following the network’s Major League Soccer Match of the Week.

GARBAGE TIME WITH KATIE NOLAN follows in the footsteps of Nolan’s popular online series NO FILTER, which presents topical sports stories with a megabyte of wit, a dash of sarcasm and sharp dose of comedy. GARBAGE TIME, with its loose, intimate format, also features a rotating group of guest commentators, celebrity guests and field segments, where Nolan ventures outside her tiny studio to take a closer look at the rough-around-the-edges qualities that make sports so special.

“I’m very excited to be making the move from internet to television,” Nolan said. “Because you know what they say: the internet is a dying medium. But really, we’ve been working on this for months, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone.”

As an interesting side note, the show will be produced by Embassy Row Productions and Michael Davies, who you might know as one half of the Men in Blazers.

When it comes to Garbage Time, you can easily envision Nolan heading an effort that looks to bring The Daily Show or The Soup or Last Week Tonight to the sports world.  While that’s been attempted before and hasn’t really worked in the past, Nolan seems like the perfect candidate to give it another try.  And with a live event lead-in each week the show should be given every opportunity to succeed.  The timeslot is a beast to compete with, but this is the most original and interesting idea for a studio show FS1 has had since launch, so hopefully it finds its footing.