When FS1 announced that TMZ Sports would be airing on their network every night at midnight, it was met with a sigh and an eye roll. There’s no way this would work out well, right?

But hey, some of the content on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning was at least somewhat related to current events in sports.

For example, which number Kobe Bryant would have retired with the Lakers.

Digging into the off-court issues of Jahlil Okafor of the Sixers.

Talking about which former NFL player’s wife is in great shape.

Wait, WHAT?

Yeah – guess that booty. And in case you’re curious, the former NFL wife isn’t even known for being a sports wife – it’s Jessica Simpson, the wife of former 49ers tight end Eric Johnson (who last played in the league in 2007). Calling her an “ex-NFL player’s wife”, while technically true, is just a bit misleading. It’s like talking about the Kardashians because hey, Lamar Odom!

But really, we shouldn’t be surprised by this – it *is* TMZ after all. I don’t think any of us were expecting well-reasoned, ten minute debates about nuanced sports topics.

This is your ESPN alternative, folks.

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