I’ll be honest, before this weekend I had no idea that “Randy Moss comeback rumors” were actually a thing.  Moss is 38 years old, has not played since 2012, and in that season with the San Francisco 49ers, he had just 28 catches for 434 yards.  That campaign came after he missed the 2011 season with his initial retirement and a 2010 season that saw him bounce around 3 teams (New England, Minnesota, and Tennessee).  It’s been six years since Moss was a receiving force in the NFL and had a 1,000 yard season with the Patriots.  To put that in perspective, Tim Tebow was still in college!

Alas, all of those above facts haven’t stopped Moss from hinting here and there that he might be interested in a possible return to the NFL.  Then over the weekend during Fox’s NFL preseason coverage, Moss basically sent out an advertisement to every NFL front office, saying he’d pick up the phone if they called.

Maybe Tim Tebow’s journey from the NFL to ESPN back to the NFL has inspired Moss?  Like Tebow, Moss is pretty good on television and he’s been slowly climbing the NFL analyst ladder at Fox Sports.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him on the Fox NFL Sunday set in the next few years.

Lots of former players get the itch to play again, and lots more working in television would probably love to return to their playing days if they were physically able to.  Moss was electric in his day, but given the length of time he’s been away from the game and how he finished his career, it’s fair to ask whether there’s anything at all left in the tank.  Then again, maybe Moss wants to come back just so he can prove those kind of doubters wrong.  Or at the very least, he wants to catch up to Brett Favre’s retirement record.

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