Fox Sports 1 is eager to show that they’re a top destination for soccer and they’re willing to spend some money in order to do it. Fox Sports has entered into a jersey sponsorship which will place the Fox Sports 1 logo on the right crest of American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) jerseys around the country.

If you’re unfamiliar with the AYSO, here’s a couple of sentences courtesy of their website:

AYSO is a non-profit organization that provides youth soccer programs for participants all over the United States and internationally in the Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. Consisting of over 50,000 teams and 500,000 players nationwide, AYSO is one of the leading youth soccer organizations in the world. It is often called “the biggest soccer club in the world.”

In other words, the FS1 logo will soon be seen on the right chest of jerseys worn by children across the country.

This is a fascinating partnership. In an effort to improve the perception that FS1 is the home of soccer, Fox Sports is about to subtly infiltrate homes full of soccer fans. Children will see the logo and ask about it. Parents will connect the logo to the advertisements they regularly see for the channel. Combined, the new logo should lead to a big boost in awareness of Fs1 among soccer fans and that’s exactly what Fox Sports is counting on, because after more than a year there’s still a pretty big awareness gap when it comes to the network.

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