19 May 1994: Riddick Bowe looks on at his training facility at Big Bear Mountain, California.

How bad have things gotten for former world heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe? He will tweet anything you’d like to anyone you want for 20 dollars. Don’t believe us? Take it from the man himself.

Bowe, 47, quickly followed up on his part of the deal too. He was not joking around, though many of his tweets have what we could kindly call attempts at humor. Maybe we could file these under our “Real Tweets from Real People” category. We’ll consult with the RTRP committee on that. 

Some enterprising entrepeneurs quickly seized the opportunity to have Bowe tweet out some advertising to his 451,000 followers. (Maybe we’re helping with that too.) That may have been what Bowe was intending all along, if you choose to believe he’s being magnanimous here.

Maybe we shouldn’t just automatically assume that Bowe is doing this because he needs the money. But let’s try to apply some math to this anyway.

As we mentioned, Bowe has 451,000 followers. If each of them asked Bowe to tweet something and paid his $20 fee, that could leave the champ with a cool $9,020,000. Considering the news Bowe’s offer is making, this has the potential to reach far beyond his follower base. How many of those who paid 20 bucks for a mention by Bowe are even following him? This might turn into quite a payday for the champ.

Yet perhaps Bowe shouldn’t dismiss the chance at landing a stand-up comedy special, sitcom deal or even a CNN documentary series, judging from some of his other tweets.

By the way, how cool is it that Bowe signs most of his tweets with “Bowe”? His account is already verified by Twitter, carrying the blue checkmark of approval. But just in case, Bowe gives his tweets an extra stamp of authenticity. And personally, I think it makes reading the tweets out loud even more fun.

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