Football writer Jim Dent, who’s written several Texas-centric football books, has been sentenced to ten years in jail through a plea agreement reached after Dent jumped bail and escaped to Mexico following his tenth DWI arrest.

Dent’s entire story and DWI history is insane. He has been convicted in three states and five Texas counties, with one more DWI case in a sixth Texas county still pending. There’s also an active warrant on Dent in Arkansas related to his 2007 DWI arrest in the state. He was previously sentenced to eight years for a DWI conviction, but served just 22 months before being paroled before violating his parole and being jailed again for three months. Over the years, he’s driven with a suspended license, no-showed in court, and continued drinking despite court orders.

Following his ninth and tenth convictions, Dent jumped bail and went to Mexico for a year, eventually getting arrested when crossing the border near San Diego.

Among the books written by Dent are The Junction Boys and Manziel Mania, which discussed Jerry Jones’ infatuation with Johnny Manziel, culminating in Jones nearly drafting Manziel for the Cowboys a year ago. He hasn’t written for a newspaper since leaving in 1991, and has been a book author and talk radio host since.

It’s pretty clear that Dent has a problem, and hopefully he’s able to get back on the right path in his life.

[Dallas Morning News]

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