Monday night is the first Red Sox game at Fenway Park since news of Don Orsillo’s impending departure has become public. Red Sox Nation is showing their support for Orsillo during the game with the Yankees, but the staff at Fenway Park is reportedly confiscating pro-Orsillo signs.

Oddly enough, the Boston Globe mentioned this in a story, but has since removed the line about signs being confiscated.

And here’s a screengrab of the story currently up on the Globe’s website, omitting the second sentence about signs being confiscated.

So either Dan Shaughnessy’s original article was being a bit dramatic (which wouldn’t be something new for him), or the Globe edited his original column (which also wouldn’t be a stretch, considering the Globe is owned by Red Sox owner John Henry).

At any rate, this is a disappointing situation that isn’t getting any easier for the Red Sox. If you make an unpopular situation and aren’t willing to deal with the public criticism of that decision…well, maybe that’s a path you shouldn’t have wandered down.

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