ESPN’s perceived SEC bias was a pretty big storyline throughout the college football season last year, with Chris Fowler even alluding to it on College GameDay. And now one of ESPN’s analysts seems to have made a joke at the network’s expense.

SEC Media Days happened this week in Alabama. During Thursday’s “College Football Live” broadcast, College Football Final Analyst (and Ohio State alum) Joey Galloway declared the following:

“ESPN will shut down if an SEC team doesn’t get in the playoff. That’s it. We’ll be looking for somewhere else to work.”

And video:

Galloway was obviously joking (we hope) but maybe we need to slow down just a little bit for these reasons:

1) Even though ESPN partnered with the SEC to launch the SEC Network, that has nothing to do with the playoff.

2) ESPN does not get to decide who ultimately makes the playoffs.

3) An SEC team didn’t make the championship game and it was still the highest rated game of all-time.

Between Galloway’s jokes and Danny Kanell’s Twitter trolling, maybe we’ll see ESPN being accused of anti-SEC bias this year.

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