When the video was released of Britt McHenry berating a parking lot attendant, you immediately knew it was going to jeopardize her future at ESPN.  People get upset all the time.  They even might say mean things that they probably wouldn’t under normal circumstances.  But McHenry’s belittling, elitist, “I’m on television and you’re not” behavior and making fun of the attendant’s appearance was a real problem.

However, it appears that McHenry’s job at ESPN is safe, at least for the moment.  Perhaps learning from past instances in which the network acted at a snail’s pace with their discipline, ESPN has already announced a one week suspension for McHenry.

Now we play the game where we compare and contrast ESPN suspensions.  McHenry’s tirade is the equivalent of Stephen A. Smith talking about women provoking domestic violence or Dana Jacobson going on a vodka-induced Mike & Mike roast rant.  It’s apparently less offensive than Bill Simmons challenging his bosses to suspend him on a podcast.

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