Big news out of Bristol – long-time ESPN executive vice president John Walsh is retiring on February 1st.

Walsh is undoubtedly an important figure at ESPN, love him or hate him. He’s one of the biggest backers of Bill Simmons at ESPN, though Walsh’s departure will likely not have much of an impact on Simmons’ future with the company. He also oversaw the launch of both ESPN the Magazine and ESPN Radio.

Walsh also championed a focus on reporting after his arrival at ESPN, and it will be interesting to see if ESPN continues on in that direction, or continues to embrace debates about whether or not God cares about the outcome of football games.

Walsh’s tenure at ESPN helped turn it from a fledgling cable channel into a behemoth that is synonymous with sports on television. You can’t get much more impactful than that.

The retirement of Walsh isn’t really unexpected, and I’m sure ESPN has a plan to replace him ready to roll. Hopefully, his vision will continue in the future, and we won’t look back at his retirement as the end of an era.

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