A new ESPN Films documentary will take viewers inside the world of photography. The film “Keepers of the Streak” focuses on the action taking place just a few steps away from the field of play and will highlight four photographers who have taken pictures at all 48 Super Bowls.

The streak, one which is pushing 50 years, is held by veteran photographers John Biever, Walter looss, Mickey Palmer and Tony Tomsic. These four photographers have shot some of the most memorable events and moments in NFL and sports history. Via ESPN:

“Having spent a good portion of my life on the sidelines photographing NFL football, nobody can appreciate more than I just how incredible this streak is,” said Leifer. “Making this film was truly a labor of love for me as I have known these photographers for at least 50 years and understand how difficult it is to have accomplished what they have done and continue to do.”

Connor Schell, VP and Executive Producer, ESPN Films and Original Content said: “Neil was the perfect director for “Keepers of the Streak” as he is one of the legendary sports photographers of all time and we are thrilled to have worked with him on this project.”

Documentary director and fellow photographer Neil Leifer understands how challenging and demanding the streak has been to maintain and hopes to highlight the tremendous achievement held by Biever, looss, Palmer and Tomsic.

“Keepers of the Streak” will premiere on Friday, January 23rd at 7pm ET.


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