ESPN debuted their new graphics package for Monday Night Football for the 2015 season and they are sleek to say the least.

Here’s the new look bottom line that now stretches all the way across the bottom of the screen.  It has a modern look, but doesn’t stray too far into the video game realm.  Very sharp.

Even more important than the look though is how the graphics are integrated throughout the broadcast.  ESPN is the first network to have the scorebug actually disappear during some plays.  You would think this might be distracting, but it’s actually refreshing to have the screen opened up during gameplay.  Here’s how it looks in realtime:

Another cool new feature is ESPN’s goalline camera, which is usually only rolled out for the Super Bowl.  It’s a bit lower to the ground and provides a new and unique viewpoint.

These new features in the graphics and production departments are aesthetically pleasing and innovative.  Good on ESPN for implementing these tweaks that might put them above and beyond the competition for their NFL broadcasts.

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