Below you’ll see a knockdown the closing seconds of round three of the Raymond Serrano vs. Jeremy Bryan fight on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights undercard. Serrano gets caught and goes down as the referee begins his count and then boom….Honda commercial. Although you can see Serrano getting up or even fully up, it’s still quite a gaffe given knockdowns are typically accompanied by a check of the fighter by the ref as well as some analysis and replays by the broadcast team. Unfortunately fight fans didn’t get any of that as ESPN jumped the gun on the commercial break.

Can you imagine being a friend or family member of one of these fighters or even just having a large bet on the fight and having to sit through a Honda commercial as well as second commercial after seeing the knockdown? It’s not even clear if the knockdown counted at first glance as it was so close to the bell.

This isn’t a big fight and it’s easy to label this under the “shit happens” folder, but yikes that has to be a rough minute for production as well fans who lost contact with what was happening in the ring.

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