Patriots fans have had a gripe with ESPN for months regarding Chris Mortensen’s reporting about Deflategate, a situation exacerbated by Mortensen’s refusal to show up on a Boston radio show to explain his reporting.

But in the wee hours of Thursday morning on the midnight SportsCenter, Steve Levy apologized on behalf  to the Patriots…for a report alleging that the Patriots filmed the Rams’ walkthrough before Super Bowl 36.

Nothing about Mortensen’s flawed reporting? Nothing about the leaks that have led to the Patriots and the NFL sparring back and forth? This will end well.

The Patriots even mentioned the apology on Twitter.

What a mess of a situation. You have ex-Patriots like Tedy Bruschi and Damien Woody sparring over Deflategate. You have Bill Simmons taking shots at his former employer regarding the situation. You have ESPN taking shots at Deflategate during fantasy football commercials. And while all this is going on, you have Mortensen going back and forth on his reporting, Roger Goodell ducking an attempt to explain ESPN’s reporting, and the saga between the NFL and the Patriots still rolling right along with ESPN caught in the middle.

But hey, at least ESPN apologized for a report that not many of us were even aware about in the first place!

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