Rob Lowe is out, Eli Manning and Tony Romo are in. OK, DirecTV already replaced Lowe back in the spring with model Hannah Davis and a talking horse.

But the spirit of the series of ads depicting the best version of a person watching television through DirecTV versus a far less glamorous incarnation that still consumes their TV through cable is preserved in the new commercials featuring Manning and Romo. The only real difference is that the NFL players are selling DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, rather than the entire service.

Here’s Manning as his clean-cut NFL quarterback self and a bad comedian that could almost be seen as a bizarro Louis C.K.

In his ad, Romo portrays both his handsome real-life figure and a gentler arts and crafts aficionado. Those who studied and majored in the humanities might be a bit offended by Romo’s granola-like persona. Unless they’re just too mellow to get offended.

Plus, doesn’t a cupcake-and-brownie combination sound awesome? How many of those would most of us scarf down on an NFL Sunday? Even matinee idol quarterbacks would appreciate a “crownie.” (Though maybe they couldn’t eat one during the season. Certainly not during training camp.)

If you’re in need of a sleep aid tonight, DirecTV has also provided behind-the-scenes interviews with Manning and Romo about the making of their respective commercials.

OK, it’s a little bit amusing when Manning explains exactly what his “bad comedian” version is supposed to be. We get it, Eli. Really, it’s not that complicated. And not to spoil things, but the big takeaway is that NFL players love “Meathead Rob Lowe.”


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