Donovan McNabb’s June DUI arrest, his second in the span of two years, has resulted in him being sentenced to 18 days in jail according to a report from TMZ.

McNabb was arrested for DUI in June, and initial reports indicated that he could spend as many as 90 days in jail. Following the arrest, both Fox Sports and NBC Sports Radio indefinitely suspended McNabb.

Here’s the full list of punishments McNabb will be subject to, via TMZ.

-18 days in county jail 

-72 days in home detention after jail

-30 hours of community service

-Counseling after home detention

-Unsupervised probation until he completes the sentence

-Ordered to pay a $6,342.23 fine

When McNabb was first arrested for DUI in 2013, he had to spend one night in jail and escaped discipline from his employers. The consequences for his second arrest were much steeper, and hopefully will serve as a wakeup call for him.


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