Dez Bryant is mad.

Understandably frustrated with the way the Dallas Cowboys season has gone this year— a team that’s 2-6 and riddled with injuries, having to deal with the circus of Greg Hardy and the media horde that follows—any old day in Jerry’s World could be enough to make a man break. Bryant did just that on Thursday, yelling at members of the media for more than 10 minutes in the Cowboys locker room. Yes, he is mad. Yes, people tweeted about it.

Bryant reportedly saw the tweet from Klemko at some point during or just after his rant, and per Eric Prisbell of USA Today Sports, refocused his anger at the MMQB scribe:

“What the (expletive) are you doing?” Bryant yelled at Klemko. “If you’re going to report something, report it right! Report the whole thing. Don’t single me out like that! … That the (expletive) I’d be talking about right there!”

What Klemko didn’t report earlier is why Bryant was so mad, specifically, this time. Was it just the frustrations of a down year? Was it the Hardy circus? Was it the lack of a quarterback or a subpar defense or no real running game that has Bryant so mad? Or was it something a reporter said? (Note: here comes some curse words.)

Bryant focused his rant at reporter Jean-Jacques Taylor who he claims used the racial slur. Per Pro Football Talk, Taylor allegedly used the term while talking with Cowboys player Devin Street. Though Taylor denied using the term, and none of the assembled media claim to have heard it, both Street and Bryant claim he did.

That’s when things got pretty ugly.

That rant was directed at the Cowboys PR staff, also known as THE WORST JOB IN NFL PUBLIC RELATIONS. As Bryant said in that rant, since the Cowboys weren’t going to put out an explanation for his outburst, he would.

Bryant then tweeted said explanation, defending his actions by bringing up that the media can enter the locker room and “say whatever and it’s cool” before reminding his Twitter followers that “WE ARE HUMANS AS WELL..WITH FAMILIES..we have to live with a lot of false talk about us….” before explaining he was standing up for himself and what he represents.

Bryant closed his note on Twitter with one of the best sorry-not-sorry comments ever, writing, “I’m so sorry if a lot of you can’t handle being talked to direct.”

In almost every way imaginable, Dallas is a mess right now, and it consistently shows up in the locker room. If Taylor did use a racial slur at a player, that is certainly an offense worthy of Bryant’s outburst. If he didn’t, and perhaps Bryant misheard the comment or took something the wrong way, this has quickly become one of the craziest (and angriest) miscommunications in quite some time.

Or, put differently, it’s just another day in the Cowboys locker room.

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