Did you know that Derek Jeter has a publishing house? Well, I didn’t, but apparently he has a partnership with Simon & Schuster because he’s Derek Jeter and who would say no to him? (RHETORICAL QUESTION).

While thus far the partnership has just entailed books about Jeter, it appears that he is going to branch out and publish Rob Gronkowski’s autobiography. The serious actual title is going to be, It’s Good to be the Gronk. Am I supposed to take this more or less seriously than concepts such as A Gronking to Remember and Derek Jeter’s Taco Hole (one of the top five Mexican restaurants in northern NJ!!)?

The press release about this gives us gems such as:

Derek Jeter said, “Rob Gronkowski stands out on and off the field to his fans and peers alike. We’re looking forward to helping him share some insight into what makes him tick.”

“If you want to be a chiseled six foot six inch All-Pro football player who makes big money to score touchdowns and win Super Bowls, and if you like to have just as much fun with your family and enjoying life, then this book is for you!,” Gronk said. 

With that description, how can we lose? This is obviously on the fast track to being a bestseller.

I think we all know that only one question remains: Is this book going to be better or worse than the Rob Gronkowski Erotica Series?


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